Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Permanent Eyeliner, me?

So I finally took the plunge and decided to get permanent eyeliner. Some know that I have been riding that fence like a rodeo clown for nearly two decades. First it was the fear of it hurting, then it was finding just the right person to do it. I mean, come on, this is permanent and its in an obvious place, so it better not look stupid.
Then a couple months ago I got this job in a dental office. Yes, I said a dental office. Most people would never think of permanent make-up and dental at the same time, but if you really think this one through, you'll see just how truly brilliant this idea is. Professionals that are used to numbing their patients before doing uncomfortable procedures working on a total crybaby like me. And I AM a crybaby, all of my coworkers can attest to me being a whiner.
Now back to my story... I got permanent eyeliner done last night. April did it. This sounds like a suck up, but its the gods honest truth. She is an artist. She did a beautiful job! I'm a little puffy still, so no pictures until I'm all healed up, but it just looks better and better every time I look at it. And the doctors... I don't get to see much of the doctors during the workday, I try to keep their schedules hopping, but I can now speak from personal experience that I absolutely believe these guys (and gals) are some of the most gentle people that have ever worked on me.
Anyway, I digress. The numbing shots I felt. I won't lie, but for the most part, they were shots. Come on, those damn things sting. But a minute of stinging for years of never stabbing myself in the eye with an eyeliner pencil again, I choose the numbing stuff. So anyway, I was a baby and I cried. It took all of 30 seconds and a couple deep breaths of laughing gas to make it all better again. I slept through the rest. Yes me, the nervous wreck slept through it all. How's that for brilliant?
I just want to say a big THANK YOU to April, Dr. Melton, and Dr. Burkett for taking such great care of me. I know I'm a terrible patient, but thank you for your time, your patience and most of all, thank you for just being the incredible caring professionals I get to work with every day and brag about to all my friends. :-D
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

So much to do; so little time.

Allen has been working his ass off today! He mowed the front 40, he finished wiring the horse trailer, he tightened the suspension on the horse trailer, he replaced the brakes on the van, and he worked a full day at locksmithing. And we aren't even done yet. We still have to get the trailer load-worthy by tonight. He may be buying a little filly tomorrow and we will have to be able to haul her. Wish us luck that we can get it all done.
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Friday, September 17, 2010

This has been our most recent pet project, wiring the horse trailer. We thought there would be a horse auction this weekend and we've been busting hump to get the trailer ready to go. But no auction this weekend. Oh well. We're getting it ready anyway.
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I Survived

I've been talking a lot about the new job this week. I figure that its ok to talk about it a lot since my whopping two readers have either stopped subscribing to my boring little blog or they've just stopped reading it. Whatever.
Anyway, I finished my first week. It was challenging and interesting. I'm glad I didn't run screaming from the office the first day like I wanted to. I think it might be ok.
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I hate Halo!

Just sayin', I hate Halo: Reach.
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3 Days In

Ok, I'm three days in and this is the first night I've gotten home and haven't wanted to crawl into bed and hibernate for the winter. Perhaps I'm beginning to catch on at work. I feel better.
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Friday, September 10, 2010

Last Day

Today was my last day at AAPG. I had the hardest time leaving it behind, knowing it would be the last time. I really loved my job and the people I was working with. It gave me a feeling of accomplishment to know that Susan depended so much on me.
But I guess it was as good a time as any to move forward in another direction.

To be honest, I'm scared shitless about starting a new job. What if I'm not as good as I think I am? What if I can't keep up with the younger or more energetic or quicker witted girls in the office?

I guess we'll see.
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Year in Review

In January I was still a Realtor(R). By February, we lost our home (shortsaled). By June, discovered how bad my attorney and my ex screwed me in court by dragging their feet and bleeding me for every penny. Got my boys for the end of June, all of July and first week of August. That was the best part of my whole year! It's now September. I've been at the temp job for a year and recently decided to go into a familiar direction again. I've accepted an entry-level job in dental. I'm almost afraid to hope again. But, here's hoping...
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Time to Evaluate

There are times in your life when you evaluate. You evaluate the life your living, your relationships (not just the relationship with your family or your lover, but friends and acquaintances). For me, I evaluate my relationships all the time. I haven't always been a suspicious or untrusting soul, but like in most things it only takes a few to ruin it for everyone.

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Profound Thought

Allen took me to see The Side Blind last night while we were still in town. What an incredible story! So it makes me wonder, how many times have you passed someone obviously in need and never asked them where they were going, what they were doing or otherwise helped them in any way? As a country we literally throw our money at other countries to help during earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters or times of considerable need but we don't help those that are right under our noses. Why is that? Is it easier to give money anonymously to some person in need a million miles away that can't look you in the eye when they say thank you? Or is it because we have abused the system here so deeply that the ones that truly need the help don't get it and are too jaded to expect it and those that get the help, usually don't really need it but act entitled over it?

Have you ever been in love with someone that was just completely bad for you? Sometimes that's how I feel about our country. I love our country. Yes, our country, not my country, but ours. We all live here and have to share it. But you know, I love the idea of it. I love the things that we stand for, but I really disagree with most of the ways that things are done around here. The corruption at the higher levels, whether it be corporate or government is ridiculous. It's like the rules don't apply but for the rule "this is how we've always done it". If that were really true, then we would never have been able to come up with those original high ideals. I wish something or someone would come along and make each man, woman and child in this country learn to be accountable for each of their actions. I think that is what we are really missing here.

Could you imaging what the world would be like if each person was just accountable for their behavior? I'm not trying to paint a picture of utopia or anything. That would be stupid. But imagine a world where people understood the concept of unbiased law.

Ok, so I'm rambling. Again. I guess my point is, we as a society really need to start looking at our own behavior on a small scale and start taking responsibility for our actions. If everyone could just have that one moment in their lives like Lee Ann Touhey and do something profound, this could be a very different world.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My worst week ever! From foreclosure to finding an angel

This has been one of the worst weeks ever! Lemme explain a bit. We have been having some major cash flow issues. Yeah, that's what I'll call it. I was laid off from my prior position in management almost 2 years ago. I had just gotten my real estate license to make extra money when I was let go and so I decided it was divine intervention or "something" that was telling me to really dive into real estate. Just as I was getting in, the market was crashing. We called it "shifting". For me it was crashing and burning. I didn't really know anyone and it was so much harder for me to convert clients because I am not a natural extrovert. I'm also somewhat blunt, slightly crass, and I don't lie. Not even a little bit. If I was selling you pet rocks for a dollar, I might venture into embellishing the sale, but when you're dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars on the single most stressful and largest credit purchase you will ever make... nope, can't do it. If you can't afford to buy, I'll tell you to wait. Anyway, I digress. Let's just say it's been a really crappy year in real estate for me. Apparently, people want to be lied to through a sweet smile.
Allen is a locksmith. So he works for himself as well. During a large portion of last year, he was also working at a machine shop in town so we could have some kind of a regular paycheck, since neither of our businesses were cutting the mustard yet. Holy cow, that shop was a total dump! He would come home angry almost every single day. If it rained outside, he would have to dodge the rain in the shop because the roof leaked so severely. I told him it was a liability for the roof to be like that. Anyway, so we have been having a really rough year financially. Allen actually paid $1,500 to a bankruptcy lawyer to file bankruptcy and was told that he could and everything would be just fine. We ended up losing that money and the attorney still hasn't ever returned his documents and eventually told him that he wasn't eligible to file for bankruptcy. I don't remember the reasoning.
The house went into foreclosure and I put it up on the market. I was able to stop the foreclosure and put everything into a short-sale. Meaning that the mortgage company takes a shortage of the owed amount on the house and we make no money, but also owe no more money towards the mortgage. So once I found a buyer, I negotiated everything with the bank. We were able to agree on everything and were set to close this Monday. That was three days ago. Last Friday, I got a call asking about closing instructions on a second mortgage. Imagine my surprise. I realized there was a second mortgage, but it was all through the same bank. I thought that when I had negotiated the original deal, I had negotiated both mortgages. I was wrong. And it gets better... While I'm looking into this second mortgage issue, I am informed that there are two liens on the property totally around $10,000. We can't afford to make the payment on the house, let alone buy groceries. How the hell am I supposed to find ten grand?
So there I was, having a full blown anxiety attack. We were already moving to a crappy trailer an hour away (which isn't so crappy now, we've cleaned it up quite a bit). The closing coordinator at my brokers office that handles and guides me through most of this stuff informed me that she was leaving town until Tuesday. Supposed to be closing on Monday, she's gone til Tuesday. Ack! The banks are all closed on weekends and I have to come up with a lot of money before Monday and try to iron out the second mortgage on Monday morning. So we moved all our worldly possessions over the weekend and finally got everything out of the house and over to the trailer at 8pm. Allen had talked to his dad about borrowing the money to close on the house. We are so not thrilled about borrowing money since this is how we got into trouble in the first place. But he allowed us to borrow the money. One catch. We have to drive nearly to Kansas City, MO before we are supposed to close on Monday morning. So we get in the van, go to the gas station down the road and get some snacks and drinks and start driving in shifts to Missouri. We finally got there around 1am. We stayed for a little while, had some pizza and visited and then got back in the van and started heading back. We stopped off around 3am and picked up some Monster Energy drinks. If you have never had one of those, beware! They are tasty but they made me have to pee excessively. We got back to the trailer by 7am. Just in time to change clothes, get some coffee and head back to the old house because we still had a trash run to make before doing a final walk-through with the buyer.
At this point, I've been up for 27 hours straight. I called my closer at the title company, the same closer that I forgot to mention had just had some major drama at her old title company and had to leave and took all of her files with her. When that happened, I didn't know what was going on, but I knew to trust her. And that trust was proven to have been placed well this week. So I called her and I went over to her office and together we brainstormed how to handle the mess we were dealing with. Let me just stop right here to say that this woman is the greatest thing that has happened to Allen and I in over a year! When everyone else was telling me that I should be questioning my relationship with Allen, or just telling me to leave him completely to deal with this mess alone or just telling me that this will never close, it's hopeless, there's nothing you can do or just basically, "it sucks to be you." She not only helped me, she encouraged me when I was at my absolute lowest point, when I was overwhelmed and lost and didn't know where to turn, she was there. We still have had to use the money borrowed from his dad but she has helped us negotiate the second mortgage and fit it and the two judgements into the ten grand we had to borrow so that we could close.
I know we still have a lot to do to fix the financial damage that we have created, but to find someone that was so willing to help us figure it out instead of turning us away hopeless and afraid, this woman is our savior this week.

Friday, February 19, 2010

To have been loved or to never been shown love at all...

We just rented "The Time Traveler's Wife" and it made us all think and sad for different reasons. It made Allen sad because he was thinking what a torture it would be to travel like that and to not just lose your loved ones once, but over and over and over again. But it made me think... What about in my situation? My childhood sucked. Not just a little, but a lot. My mother has not been a good influence on my life and her manipulations tied my fathers hands (or so he thought) in order to show me any kind of affection. So it makes me wonder... which is worse (or better), to have been loved and to have lost or to have never been shown love at all?

I would never want to return to my childhood. I would want to make way too many changes. I would want to tell myself the ending to the story. Or in some cases, I would want to sit and listen to some of my favorite people that have passed tell me stories that I haven't heard in years. I would want to hug them and smell their perfume on them again. (It's not the same from the bottle, ya know). But all in all, it makes me wonder who I would actually want to visit. I never knew my grandparents and my parents were not the people they are now.

Who would you visit and why? What would you say to them?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Owasso Tweetup

Owasso Tweetup
January 18, 2010 at Baja Jacks Burrito Shack at 6pm
Come and talk about your business, make new friends, meet old friends, and eat some of the best Mexi-Cali in Oklahoma!
Owasso Tweetup

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ok, here goes... new blog space to stretch my wings.

So, I was doing some research on why the heck no one (ok, maybe one or two people) can ever find my website. It occurred to me that everything is linking back to wordpress and although I really love a lot of their features, it really wasn't working for me. So I am deciding to change to blogger and see how this goes. I'll put a link to this blog from the old blog and see if anything great happens out of this move. I hope this doesn't cause any troubles for anyone that might have been reading the old blog to find me here. It isn't like I'm hiding.
I'm really hoping that I can generate some traffic and get some attention to my tweetups that I am so anxious to get up and running.
I'd love to write more, but my brain is running on empty for the 4th day in a row and I really need to get a shower and then some sleep before I pass out and drool on my keyboard. That would be bad. I hope I can make a difference with this blog thing this time around and not screw it up.