Monday, March 15, 2010

A Profound Thought

Allen took me to see The Side Blind last night while we were still in town. What an incredible story! So it makes me wonder, how many times have you passed someone obviously in need and never asked them where they were going, what they were doing or otherwise helped them in any way? As a country we literally throw our money at other countries to help during earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters or times of considerable need but we don't help those that are right under our noses. Why is that? Is it easier to give money anonymously to some person in need a million miles away that can't look you in the eye when they say thank you? Or is it because we have abused the system here so deeply that the ones that truly need the help don't get it and are too jaded to expect it and those that get the help, usually don't really need it but act entitled over it?

Have you ever been in love with someone that was just completely bad for you? Sometimes that's how I feel about our country. I love our country. Yes, our country, not my country, but ours. We all live here and have to share it. But you know, I love the idea of it. I love the things that we stand for, but I really disagree with most of the ways that things are done around here. The corruption at the higher levels, whether it be corporate or government is ridiculous. It's like the rules don't apply but for the rule "this is how we've always done it". If that were really true, then we would never have been able to come up with those original high ideals. I wish something or someone would come along and make each man, woman and child in this country learn to be accountable for each of their actions. I think that is what we are really missing here.

Could you imaging what the world would be like if each person was just accountable for their behavior? I'm not trying to paint a picture of utopia or anything. That would be stupid. But imagine a world where people understood the concept of unbiased law.

Ok, so I'm rambling. Again. I guess my point is, we as a society really need to start looking at our own behavior on a small scale and start taking responsibility for our actions. If everyone could just have that one moment in their lives like Lee Ann Touhey and do something profound, this could be a very different world.

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